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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Heart Internet: Sorry, we don't work weekends

Remember the attack on other hosting companies by the blackhat SEO gang? Well now they've moved to attacking Heart Internet customers - and they're doing a pretty damn good job of it too.

The problem here isn't actually the bad guys so much as it is Heart Internet themselves (and yes, the bad guys are of course the primary problem as they're the ones doing it). Heart Internet have had alot of e-mails regarding abuse, some from myself and alot more from others.

Based on information from a friend this morning, and lack of a reply to an abuse report a couple days or so ago, I phoned them (Heart Internet) this morning, to try and speak to the abuse dept. Imagine my disgust when told their abuse dept wasn't actually working and thus, couldn't speak to me (was told to e-mail the abuse report instead, to their sales/support team - the support@ address failed due to my not being a customer, and there's been no response since from the sales@ address).

Just some of the malicious goodness identified at HI over the past few days, includes;$59.99-christmas-trees.html

We already know that hosting companies care more about money than they do about protection, but until a miracle happens and that changes, so more is done to both cleanup existing issues, and prevent future issues the one thing we can guarantee, is that this is going to get a hell of alot worse, as the blackhat SEO gangs ramp up their campaigns.

As for Heart Internet, if you're one of their customers, I'd strongly urge you start badgering them into doing more about these issues, or move elsewhere.

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