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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ten Years of Cybercrime & Doing Time

Very little is left worth celebrating any more (Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, Easter, the new Star Wars film, they're all over-rated rubbish), but this is one of those that you have to celebrate.

Dear Tagged, still not learned?

I've been getting Tagged spam on and off for years (sometimes it stops coming in). Seems they've still not learned to act like an ethical and honest company, and instead have decided that acting like complete unethical wankers is a better idea.

For those wondering, no, I don't usually have HTML email enabled (picture wouldn't have made as much sense in plain text).

As Tagged still haven't learnt, I've expanded the block on them ........ let's see if they work it out (I'll not hold my breath).


Tagged spam - with a difference being sued - and about bloody time too! pays $750,000 over deceptive emails

Dear Tagged .... weren't you already being sued for this?

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tagged et al - they never learn