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Sunday, 11 October 2015

USA: I'm confused

Okay, I'm officially confused. Watching a documentary on BBC Three at present about the KKK, and something has confused the hell out of me. Namely

1. The KKK and Nazi party claim they're interested in "white power", yet last time I looked, the Jewish etc were white too, and the KKK are apparently (according to the "Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan") are against the Jewish too - why specifically, the Jewish?
2. The "Black Power" group (assuming I got the name right) claim they're against racism, are themselves, racist.

Did I miss something?

Whatever happened to tolerance of others, regardless of race, faith et al? (I can't be old fashioned - apparently I'm not old enough).

Black power apparently means unity between black people, and I can understand that, however, that then questions why they're apparently protesting against EVERYONE ELSE - why not just the idiotic racists?

As for the KKK - their getting a rock thrown at one of their vehicles - are they really surprised by this?

Hint - faith has bugger all to do with it, nor has race/color/sexuality/etc - you're either tolerant, or you're not (and first amendment doesn't mean you can be an arse, it just means you're a legally protected arse (hint: a tolerant person wouldn't care - an arse protests/fights based on color, sexuality, race etc)).

What's that you say, as a tolerant person I shouldn't question these idiocies? To that I say - do a bit of research ;o)
As I said, I'm confused, but as far as I am concerned, as long as you take and judge a person based on the person themselves, the rest is not important, never has been - never will be.

Sorry for the off-topic rant - I needed to rant and question (I had more to say (racism/prejudism should be shot to the floor immediately in my opinion (yep, that's the polite version)), but most would get nuked by legal in seconds).

A fraudster using NameCheap? Who'd a' thunk it!

Just been watching a documentary on Sophie Lancaster, and figured I'd do a quick lookup. We all know that spammers and frausters couldn't give a rats right testicle about where or what they spam, but this got my goat.

Offending site: (, AS22612 Namecheap, Inc)

Spammed to;


Which leads to a bogus news site:

The offending redirectors:

-> hxxp://
--> hxxp://
---> hxxp://
----> hxxps://
-----> hxxp://
------> hxxps://

And the offending final site the above leads to;

-------> hxxp://
--------> hxxp://
---------> hxxp://

The offending (work from home) fraudsters are not surprisingly,, and the template, nothing we've not seen before. Only difference is the actual content.

Not surprisingly, I recommend blackholing the entire bleedin lot of them.

As an aside, a quick FYI for the likes of the Radio Times - if you're going to allow comments (especially via the Facebook cesspit), at the very least MODERATE THEM! (other media sites have exactly the same issue).


The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

BBC: Black Rose - The Killing of Sophie Lancaster

BBC: Boys sentenced over Goth murder

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

[ALERT] AOL users beware!!

No idea why anyone would still be using AOL, but for those that are, perhaps a good reason to finally move?

US telco giant Verizon has given notice it will be providing information on its subscribers to AOL for targeted advertising.

A notice in Verizon's privacy policy warns users that beginning next month, information such as device information, addresses and whereabouts, and browsing habits, will be given to AOL so it can sling relevant ads at netizens.