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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Foxit' forced Ask installation, Adobe' bloat with bundling - there is an alternative

Hat tip to Bill for the heads up. I've known about Sumatra for a while, but kept forgetting about it.

Adobe makes extra money every time someone downloads and installs the Google Toolbar. I usually know better but even I didn’t see the check box in my haste to download most recent Acrobat reader. Given the number of vulnerabilities that keep occurring with the Acrobat reader I always recommend folks check to to be sure they have newest version.

I’ve never been a fan of companies which keep trying to add programs to my autorun list. Adobe Download Manager installs a number of components that run in the background and regularly connect to see if I need my software updated. These includes the Adobe Speed Launcher ( read_sl.exe ), Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager ( adobearm.exe ), AcroIEHelper Library ( AcroIEHelper.dll ) and Adobe PDF Helper ( Acroiehelpershim.dll ) and Adobe Services like GetPlus_Helper.DLL

Given all the vulnerabilities and extra software, I decided I’ve had enough with Adobe. The PDF format has gotten so popular I would still need a program to view and print PDF’s.

Classic Bad Behavior

When discussing this issue on Twitter quite a few people recommended I switch to a PDF reader called FoxIt. This program looked promising especially after I read “NO BLOAT”. They lied.

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