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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Microsoft: Security Bulletin - Advanced notification

I hope you chaps and chapesses have some free time on the 10th, as you've got 14 bulletins to contend with, and the vast majority require a reboot. Most are for Windows, but as usual, there's other stuff thrown in such as Silverlight and Office.

Those of you looking after networks will already be using something like WSUS to manage these, so just skip straight to the info itself.

If you're a regular home user, Microsoft Updates** will do it for you, but obviously, ensure you've done a backup BEFORE installing these*, so you've got something to go back to if it all goes pear shaped.

You can find the advanced notification at;

* You can do backups either manually, or a crude backup with System Restore or some backup software. Ideally, you'll be doing an image backup (either drive image or partition image, whichever you prefer), and images can be done using either something like Paragon's Backup & Recovery Free Edition or open source alternatives such as CloneZilla.

** Note: Microsoft Update is NOT the same as Windows Updates. The latter of the two only deals with Windows updates, Microsoft Update covers ALL Microsoft software, if you've not told Windows Updates to switch to Microsoft Update yet - do it (linky here)

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