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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Eset: Here’s my support desk!

I guess someone in the general area of Kolkata reads my blog posts. At any rate, after I posted a blog yesterday bemoaning the fact that I had to do my own systems support, I got a phone call from a gentleman with a pronounced accent wanting to help me with my virus problem.

It's Raining Men (And Wooden Horses)

You didn't know I had a virus problem? Neither did I, but he assured me that I was spraying malware all over the part of town I live and work in. Well, I suppose that explains why I tripped over a Conficker and got fake AV all over my trousers on the way back from the library. And he quoted an address that was near enough to mine to convince someone who didn't know about telephone directories.

The People's Flag Is Deepest Red

So I asked him how he knew that my system was infected. He explained that my IP address was flashing red on his screen. I asked him what my IP address was, and he explained that he couldn't tell me that for security reasons, but he'd put me through to his supervisor.

Read the full story over at the Eset blog;


Info: Telephone scammers still coming to a phone near you!

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