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Thursday, 12 May 2011

RIP: Zango/Pinball Publisher Corp

Oh I do love good news in the morning. Zango/Pinball need no introduction, everyone is aware of their ongoing shenanigans over the years, and it looks like they're down for the count for now. Or at least, business filings say they are (well all know Zango tried the same hide and seek method, and left a trail that led to the switch to Pinball Corp being discovered relatively quickly).

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Zango/Pinball, whatever they want to call themselves, will be back in one guise or another. There's simply too much money in it for them not to.

For now however, grab yourself a fresh coffee, pull up a pew, and have a little smile!

Pinball Corporation is a company that bought the remnants of Zango, a company that had a reputation for pushing slimeware. Last year I pointed out a case where Pinball Corp were clearly not keeping an eye on the actions of their affiliates, and other people have been critical of them too.

Well, there's potentially some good news.. because according to the Washington State Corporations Division, Pinball Corp became inactive on the 2nd May 2011.

Read the full details on my friend Conrad' blog.


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