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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

I know it's not 2012 everywhere yet, but it is here, so happy new year everyone!.

2011 has been an exceptionally strange, and sometimes downright frustrating year, and I doubt 2012 will be any different as I don't forsee some of the hosting companies/registrars attitudes changing, nor do I see ICANN or Ripe/Arin et al, getting off their backside and doing their damn job for a change.

However, 2011 has for the most part, been outstandingly great. Lots of badness has been taken offline, a whole plethora of criminal "hosts" (and I use the quotes deliberately, as most were just resellers of resellers) have been taken down (though a quick look on any of the blackhat forums will show there's plenty more to go), and myself and others, will continue taking them offline where we can, and continue to badger the AS'/registrars/ICANN and the registries, that decide they want to continue providing space and domains to criminals.

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