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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dear Bloxx (and InfoSec)

I've asked your company several times now, both via phone and via email, to STOP spamming and cold-calling me. The last cold-call was less than 20 mins ago, and I asked her to put in a report to the company CEO regarding it. As I suspect the report isn't going to get to the Bloxx CEO, let us see if this reaches you ....


Oh and to the chaps responsible for InfoSec, perhaps next time, you can warn those attending, that the barcodes on their badges, are going to be used to allow companies to spam and cold-call us - as this was certainly not a warning I received prior to, or after, registering.

For those that would like to pre-emptively block Bloxx spam, simply block the following;


The last number they called from was 01506 426 976

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