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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Called by 03339009119?

I recently handled a call my family received, from the following number;

0333 9009 119

The chap on the phone had an Indian accent (surprise surprise), and asked for my brother. When told he wasn't in, I asked who it was, and the chap immediately hung up.

I did a little digging, and it appears this number, has quite the history of cold-calling, and spamming on websites (dating back to 2009), including a site claiming to be for the Punjab Police, bit strange, but we also know the Indian police force don't seem to care about their citizens involvement in fraud (unfair? perhaps, but they don't appear to be doing anything about the cold-calling scammers in Kolkata ....).

If you've received a call from this number, or any number starting with 0333 900, then the company to report it to, would be the phone company that owns this number;

Windsor Telecom PLC

I'd also recommend reporting it to your phone provider (e.g. BT, Sky, Virgin Media).


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