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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Everyone using Facebook will already be seeing the same thing, so nope, not a warning about Facebook Spam.

I actually detest social networking sites, the only reason I've got an account on Facebook, is for finding and investigating scams and malware on it.

Since creating the test account, there's been a flurry of spam every single day from Facebook, with the usual "you have more friends than you think" rubbish. I realize of course, they're never going to stop spamming, just as they're never going to stop invading your privacy and selling your data to all and sundry - it's how they make their money (well, that and advertising anyway), I just wanted to rant about it.

Dear Facebook, whilst I highly doubt you're even reading this, unless you want blacklisted (and yep, I'll quite happily do it), stop the spam - it's irritatingly annoying, not to mention, highly unethical.


redwolfe_98 said...

you can "unsubscribe" from the "facebook"-emails, which are "notifications", notifying you of events relating to your facebook account.. the emails are not "spam".. alternatively, you can adjust the "notification-settings" for your "facebook" account, opting out of receiving various types of "notifications" (email) from "facebook".. it isn't facebook's fault if you haven't bothered to either "unsubscribe" from the "notifications", the emails, or to change the "notification-settings" for your "facebook" account..

MysteryFCM said...

Clicked the unsubscribe link no less than 5 times, and modified the notification settings several times too ;o)