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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Updates: Quite a few

Quite a few updates over the past few days. First and foremost, the bug with sURL is fixed. Secondly, whilst the hpHosts site is still having issues, I've modified the config to try and alleviate the issue, so it should stay up longer than it was. I've also got updates to a few programs going up over the next 72 hours or so (desperate for sleep, and my body and sleeping tablets have decided I've got to stay awake, despite both being awake since yesterday, driving for 8+ hours from the other end of the country, back home, and stressed to holy hell and back - oh the joys). The next full hpHosts update will also be getting pushed out over the next 48 hours. There was a few others, but my brain is fried so can't remember what else I was going to mention - it'll come back to me.

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