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Saturday, 1 February 2014

INFO: hpHosts update

Finally got back from Mexico (though looking forward to going back there later this year*), and amongst the things I missed, were my fibre lines (the others being my son, and driving (they drive like lunatics over there!)).

I'm planning on pushing a new hpHosts update (full files that is) tomorrow, for those wondering what happened (I've been in the US and Mexico almost the entire month).

As an aside, the hotel we stayed at was the Hotel Imperial, and whilst the staff were fantastic, the room/hotel could've been better (want internet - forget it! (they've got 60Mbps WiFi but you've got little chance of it's actually staying connected more than 5 mins, and an even smaller chance of it's reaching above 1Mbps)), and as for the room - at least 2 of the sockets were falling off the wall (phone line had screws - it just forgot there was a wall there, leaving the wires wondering what happened)), and the shower had less power to it than I do when I'm going to the toilet!.

Oh and if you're over there and like me, love steak - get yourself to the Lionessa (on Insurgentes, two streets behind the mall)! (has an opera singer there most nights, who learnt "Barcelona" (Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe) for me, the night before I came back (needless to say, I was tipping anyway, but gave a huge tip for that alone!)).

But anyway, I digress .....

* For those in Mexico, please do let me know if there's an ISP you can suggest that does FTTP (don't mind paying for it to be installed!).

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