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Thursday, 5 June 2014

INFO: Major removals, new classification

Just an FYI folks, there's approx 90K currently being removed from hpHosts, including a lot of those that had no classification, as these no longer meet the inclusion criteria.

Additionally, I'm also planning to introduce a new classification specifically for illegal pharma sites. At present, these are assigned the PSH classification, however, in an attempt to differentiate this from phishes, I've decided they need their own (not decided on what to use yet, but will likely either be PRA, PRS, PMS or PMA, suggestions are welcome (though must be 3 letters)).

As an aside, the hpHosts site is also to be moved to a new and faster server, this is currently ongoing and you may see some downtime once this happens (don't have a planned date yet unfortunately).

I'm also planning on having a new compeition in the next week or so, just have to decide on the details.

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