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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Updated: SpamBot Search Tool (SBST)

Finally had time to do a few updates to this (am planning on a complete re-write). Updates to this include;

* Corrected missing CSS spec in config.php
* Renamed var used for whitelist check, to stop clash with existing var
* Various bug fixes in index.php, check_spammers.php, check_spammers_plain.php, functions.php
+ Check to ensure StopForumSpam API key is present

It is still in need of a logo (doesn't currently have one, and I'm not a graphics person (as those that know me will attest ;o) ). I am contemplating running a competition to have one of you chaps and chapesses design one, but aside from their currently being a competition (ends October 31st), I am unsure as to what to give away for it (hints welcome folks!).

You can find the updated SBST in the usual places;

Please let me know if you notice any issues (or indeed, anything that can be improved).

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