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Monday, 3 November 2014

INFO: Smart TV owner? iPlayer user? BBC just screwed you!

As if we didn't already know the BBC was staffed by the worst middle managers money can buy, my favourite techie rag, The Register has provided details to those of you left wondering why iPlayer no longer works in your set top boxes, smart TV's et al.

If you're amongst those affected, your device was advertised as being iPlayer compatible and of course, is still within warranty - do yourself a favour and return it. The BBC aren't backing down.

A gang of British license fee payers have grabbed their virtual pitchforks and marched on the Beeb in protest against its decision to ban iPlayer RSS feeds.

The changes are designed to stop naughty viewers from using third-party clients to watch the Beeb.

Several Register readers have contacted us and complained about the decision to no longer allow viewers to watch programmes on iPlayer through RSS feeds.

The Beeb has now introduced an API called Nitro, which is a "quick and easy way for us to access programme details for our entire catalogue".

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