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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Tesco Direct: How much does a FREE one year of Office 365 cost?

You'd think by now, that companies such as Tesco would be a little more honest, but alas no. I figured I'd take a break from what I was working on and go on a browsing session.

Going to the Tesco Direct site, knowing there's usually bugger all worth looking at (I don't shop at Tesco as a rule), I figured I'd just look at the desktops and perhaps afterwards, the laptops. Looking at the desktops, I noted an HP ProDesk, and figured I'd take a look (only ever seen ZooStorm (BAH!) at supermarkets). However, I then thought I'd spotted a rather major error on their site, as I noted on the line below it, was another exact model, with the words "I'm new" and a slightly different thumbnail.

Loaded both in new tabs, and then noted a couple rather important differences;

1. The price (£60 difference)
2. Office (one had it, one didn't)

These however, were the ONLY differences. Which then begs the question of why there is a 60 quid difference? It couldn't just be because the more expensive one comes with Office, given it's advertised as one free year, surely?

Enquiring minds want to know Tesco ....

The pages in question, for those wondering, are (and yep, I've deliberately NOT linked them);

With Office

Without Office:

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