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Sunday, 11 October 2015

A fraudster using NameCheap? Who'd a' thunk it!

Just been watching a documentary on Sophie Lancaster, and figured I'd do a quick lookup. We all know that spammers and frausters couldn't give a rats right testicle about where or what they spam, but this got my goat.

Offending site: (, AS22612 Namecheap, Inc)

Spammed to;


Which leads to a bogus news site:

The offending redirectors:

-> hxxp://
--> hxxp://
---> hxxp://
----> hxxps://
-----> hxxp://
------> hxxps://

And the offending final site the above leads to;

-------> hxxp://
--------> hxxp://
---------> hxxp://

The offending (work from home) fraudsters are not surprisingly,, and the template, nothing we've not seen before. Only difference is the actual content.

Not surprisingly, I recommend blackholing the entire bleedin lot of them.

As an aside, a quick FYI for the likes of the Radio Times - if you're going to allow comments (especially via the Facebook cesspit), at the very least MODERATE THEM! (other media sites have exactly the same issue).


The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

BBC: Black Rose - The Killing of Sophie Lancaster

BBC: Boys sentenced over Goth murder

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