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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Dear ClickSure - are you insane?

I send a plethora of abuse reports daily, for everything from generic spam to malware, exploits and our friendly tech support scammers (yes, you guys too - woops!). However, I received what has entered the list of the most frustrating responses, this time from ClickSure:

Hello Steven,

This is an automated email, please DO NOT reply to this message as responses are not monitored on this email address.

There has been a New Reply to the discussion entitled "Spam" (#CLKSPT4905643):


Thank you for contacting support.

We take spam complaints very seriously and will look into this.

Additionally can you please unsubscribe from any unwanted emails



Best regards,

ClickSure Support

Why is it frustrating you ask? Lets see shall we;

1. It doesn't include the original resport
2. It fails to provide a method for reply
3. It says there's been a reply to the discussion (errr, the what?)
4. It actively encourages those reporting spam to USE THE UNSUBSCRIPTION LINK

I can hear the cries already - why is using the unsubscription link a bad thing?

Well for starters, I never subscribed in the first place! You should NEVER EVER EVER (repeat that to yourself a hundred times, I'll wait) click an unsubscription link, reply with unsubscribe etc in the subject/body/whateveritisasking if you did not subscribe to it in the first place - all this does, is tells Mr and Mrs Spammy that the address is active and monitored (woops, you're now going to get a ton more).

ClickSure on the other hand, seem to be smoking something seriously wonky (or have had a severe case of the wedontgiveatossitis (what!, everything has an "itis" now apparently!), yep, I'm being VERY polite here for some reason). They may as well have responded with "just lean forward and allow that tree to be shoved up there, we're raking it in!" - it would've inferred the same lack of giving a toss.

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