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Monday, 3 November 2008

$10 Coupon on 1 GB WinPatrol Flash Wristband

Bill is once again, bringing you a fantastic offer, for lovers of WinPatrol everywhere. This time, in the form of a $10 (approx £5) rebate when you purchase the WinPatrol wristband.

I'll refrain from rambling too much, and just let Bill tell you the details;

On my recent trip to the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference I brought some of my WinPatrol Flash wristbands to giveaway. It turned out I didn’t get a chance to give out as many as I had expected so we can afford a special offer for Bits From Bill readers.

Good until November 15th, the coupon code “Windows7” will get you $10 off when ordering the 1 GB Flash memory wristband. Retail price is $24.95. (Approx. 12 EUR down from 19.5 EUR)

Read the full details, and purchase the wristband, courtesy of Bill's blog;

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