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Saturday, 1 November 2008

WinPatrol and Windows 7

Hot off the press, courtesy Corrine, Security Garden, comes the fantastic news that my favourite system monitor, WinPatrol, runs just fine and dandy on the new Windows 7 (I'm still pondering why they chose that name, but I'll leave that to speculation as it'll likely change before it's final release).

Corrine tells us that Bill has just returned from PDC2008 with a pre-beta, and well, I'll let you read the results from Bill;

I was pleased that my 1st install of Windows 7 went well. Keep in mind everything below is related to the current alpha build of Windows 7. The final release is more than a year away

I’m thrilled to report that WinPatrol works great and plays well with Windows 7. In fact, immediately after the install Scotty notified me that someone was trying to reset my Auto-Update settings. This is one of the unique settings that WinPatrol monitors and apparently Microsoft thinks everyone should be auto-updating.

Read the full story on Bill's blog;

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