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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Can we leave the EU and change the idiots in charge of our country yet? Pretty please?

It's long been known that the EU, along with the idiots in charge of the UK, was a complete farce, and would only make things worse, and here we have yet more proof of such.

Actually, by framing the issue as a "moral case," Burnham gets to sidestep the entire issue of logic. Critics have already begun to charge that he is ignoring actual evidence and the well-regarded conclusions of the Gowers Report, not to mention previous government policy. But when the issue becomes a moral one and the livelihood of aging performers is at stake, it's suddenly easier to avoid cost/benefit analysis. Doing the right thing isn't always logical or economical.

The rather bitter irony here is that the move has been pushed largely by fabulously wealthy musicians and the music industry. In July 2007, when the government said that 50 years of copyright on songs was plenty of time to cash in, the head of the international music trade group IFPI warned, "Some of the greatest works of British music will soon be taken away from the artists who performed them and the companies that invested in them. Extending copyright term would promote vital investment in young talent and new music, all of which will help to secure the UK's future as an exciting music market."

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