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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sun Network: An ISP never learns

If you remember, I wrote a couple days ago, about China based ISP, Sun Network.

Jonathan has been e-mailing them since, and they've now gone back to claiming they can't do anything as it doesn't lie within their authority (funny, given they'd already sent their customer an e-mail saying they had 72 hours to remove the malicious content).

What is worse however, is that their customer has not only NOT removed the malicious content, but has put up a few more;
PhishTank report
PhishTank report
PhishTank report
PhishTank report
PhishTank report

At the time of writing, the above are timing out, however, those previously reported are working just fine and dandy.

What is worse still however, is that Peer1, one of the largest ISP's on the intertubes, is dragging it's heels as far as taking action is concerned. Peer1 are hosting some of the NS servers on the range. On November 2nd, Jonathan received the following from Peer1, suggesting action would be taken, but alas nope, apparently not.

Hi Jonathan,

I understand your frustration and apologize for any delay in action. Please note we are doing our best to resolve this matter.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and I will forward your comments to management.

Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance.

Fiona Suckan Forbes
Manager of Client Relations

1 Yonge Street, Suite 1201
Toronto, Ontario

Main: 416-815-7027 ext.222
Cell: 416-788-1201
24 Hour NOC: 1.866.484.2588

Given Peer1's sheer size, it is of course, no surprise that they see alot more abuse than most (I've recently e-mailed them a plethora of exploits and such that are hosted on their ranges, and to date, have received nothing - not even an autoresponse), and the only reason I am getting more and more frustrated with them, is because they seem to be completely useless, whether deliberately or not is irrelevant, at dealing with it.

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Unknown said...

I am getting so mad at Peer1 and ESPECIALLY Sun Network for being so messed up, they dont know what the heck they are doing, they should be blackholed from the entire Internet, it wont hurt anyone if they are blackholed, cause 99.9% of the sites they host are malicious / phishing anyways...