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Friday, 29 January 2010

Pinball Publisher Network: The ghost of Zango toolbar has a Facebook fan page

Here’s something they don’t teach in marketing 101: If you’re pushing software that no one wants -- like, say, annoying adware -- and your downloads are going nowhere, what do you do?

Answer: you push somebody else’s popular software AND BUNDLE YOUR CRAP WITH IT!

Remember Zango? It was that irritating adware company that spent years and a million weasel words trying to make its operation seem legitimate. It was fined $3 million in 2006 by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and it unsuccessfully sued anti-virus vendor Kaspersky in Federal Court in 2007 for calling the Zango malcode “malcode?” After several years of sagging revenue amidst a larger collapse of the adware industry, the company finally folded and sold its assets at fire sale prices last April. (Sunbelt Blog story here. )

The buyer, Pinball Publisher Network, is still distributing Zango and sadly enough it still offers users nothing of any value, which is why PPN offers Open Office, 7-Zip and Firefox bundled with it. PPN and its affiliates are simply trying to piggyback on those programs and in the process, leech from their value and good name.

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