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Monday, 11 January 2010

Riccom Ltd: Where'd they go?

I thought you guys would be interested in the latest validation results, which shows where quite a few prior Riccom customers have now gone over to. Note: the results do not include PTR details (only did a quick validation as I'm busy with work and hpHosts at present).

The shortlist of ISP's they've moved to are;

1. AS29073 Ecatel (no surprise there)
2. AS29073 Ecatel (no surprise there)
3. AS17431 TONET Beijing TONEK Information Technology Development Company (Previously: AS17620 CNCGROUP-BJ CNCGROUP IP network of Beijing region MAN network)
4. AS39369 PORT80 AB, Sweden Rix Telecom AB, Sweden
5. AS24826 KHARKOV-TERMINALS-AS PE Viktor Nastechenko
6. AS29550 EUROCONNEX-AS Blueconnex Networks Ltd Formally Euroconnex Networks
7. AS16265 LeaseWeb AS Amsterdam, Netherlands
8. AS28753 NETDIRECT AS NETDIRECT Frankfurt, DE (surprise surprise)
9. AS8551 BEZEQ-INTERNATIONAL-AS Bezeqint Internet Backbone
10. AS21844 THEPLANET-AS2 Internet Services, Inc.
11. AS29550 EUROCONNEX-AS Blueconnex Networks Ltd Formally Euroconnex Networks
12. AS32181 ASN-CQ-GIGENET ColoQuest/GigeNet ASN (Customer Route [BODHOST])
13. AS5577 ROOT eSolutions (nope, I'm not surprised either)

There's a handful presently not resolving, but more interestingly, quite a few still resolving to (the still non-routed) Riccom range.

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