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Thursday, 13 May 2010

CyberDefender Corporation: Lessons in intimidation

It would seem CyberDefender Corporation, still haven't learnt from the already huge amount of bad publicity they've received from a plethora of avenues, as they are yet again, going after someone with their law firm, for publishing their findings and opinions. This time, it's Allen Harkleroad from

A week or two ago I (Allen Harkleroad) expressed my personal opinion of MyCleanPC and DoubleMySpeed, which by the way are owned by the CyberDefender Corporation.

While in the past legal threats and legal intimidation may have served CyberDefender well in regards to stifling consumers and individuals public opinions. However, such threats do not work on me as everyone involved will soon find out. I will speak and/or publish my opinions of businesses as I see fit without fear of prosecution or persecution.

CyberDefender Corporation and the law firm that represents them (Catanese & Wells of Westlake Village, California) must have never heard of a US Citizens 1st Amendment freedom of speech rights. I intend to educate all of the involved parties as to what the first amendment is and what it covers.

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Hat tip to "John D's Computer and Network services" for the heads up.


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