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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Domain registrars don't want to fight cybercrime - apparently

In a not so surprising turn of events, my favourite online rag, El Reg has reported that domain registrars have complained to ICANN, in not so many words, that they don't want to have to fight cybercrime.

How was this going to happen you ask? By changing registrars ICANN contract to force them to fight it - something they should already be doing. We all know registrars are a huge part of the crime problem. Just look at TODAYNIC, Alantron, BIZCN, Dot.TK to name but 4 of many, who provide criminals with a very quick and simple method of registering new domains to use in their various campaigns.

What I'm failing to comprehend, is that unless I'm mistaken, registrars already have a terms of service that states no criminal activity and whatnot, is allowed, so why exactly are they fighting this? (yep, it's a rhetorical question - it's all about the money). Let's not forget, the vast majority of criminally registered domains use fake details, stolen credit cards etc etc, and a little work on the part of the registrar to actually verify the details, and verify the status of the cards etc, would cut down on some of this (and yes, I'm aware this verification would take time and money - but the end result would be worth every penny, and should already be mandatory).

There are a few registrars that respond to abuse requests, finally, but this isn't a solution to the problem, it's a patch. The solution, or a part of it at least, is preventing it in the first place. Until registrars start focusing on more than just the money, they're always going to be a problem, and personally, I'm hoping ICANN tells them to shove their complaints in the same place they're shoving the criminals money.

Domain registrars push back on law enforcement changes

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Edited to add;

Cyber cops want stronger domain rules

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