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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Update 2: Malware, scams and RedStation (AS35662,

Second update to this, and I'm pleased to announce, Redstation forced their customer to disable the sites completely (Redstation didn't want them on their network). A quick check has revealed those still resolving to the RedStation range, are now dead (sites resolve but fail to load), and those spewing malware, are now parked at (GoDaddy parking server).

hpObserver results:

I'm still monitoring them to see where they go next, and am also still on the lookout for new domains popping up.

A special thank you to Redstation for acting to promptly is deserved I think.


WARNING: Malware, scams and RedStation (AS35662,

Legitimate Software Typosquatted in SMS Micro-Payment Scam

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