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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

William Hill: You've got some explaining to do ....

We all know that marketing depts will try almost every trick in the book to get people to take notice of their company and whatever products or services are on offer, but there are certain companies out there that need to get their acts together, as the type of marketing being used is highly misleading at best.

Hot on the heels of CheckPoint's scareware, I came across an affiliate that was leading to a William Hill website. Given what you see when first loading it, I thought at first it was an affiliates website, but alas no, this is actually owned by the well known William Hill themselves. Disappointing doesn't quite cut it.

This message box, as you've guessed, isn't a message box at all. To make matters worse, they've used the little green shield that you normally associate with the Windows Security Center (the shield is normally seen after Windows Updates have been installed). It's far from being the worst thing I've seen a company do, but to call this misleading would be an understatement.

Its only redeeming quality, is that clicking Cancel does actually get rid of it, but re-load the site and it's back again.

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Matera the Mad said...

Well...if you step in it, you should expect to get some on your boots.