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Friday, 1 October 2010


I've just had a call from a company calling themselves GFK NOP (, telling me they were conducting a survey on how satisfied people are with their banks or some rubbish like that. The call came from 0207890905.

Now here's the problem - I'm ex-directory and TPS - which means they shouldn't have my number. When quizzed as to where they got it, I was told they obtained it using "standard marketing" using a method known as "automated random number dialing" (heard of war-driving?). When asked if they took notice of ex-directory/TPS before placing the call I was told no, they don't.

Little hint GfK NOP - people like me are ex-directory/TPS for a reason - we don't want calls from marketing/sales drones.

I've just sent them a complaint via their websites contact form (doubt they'll take notice of it, but it's worth a try). Feel free to do the same if you get one of these calls.

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