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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

INFO: Changes to IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) website

I've no idea when this actually happened, but it seems the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) have re-designed their website.

Quite why they've done this is a mystery. However, one thing is clear - it's no longer as simple to report anything to them if you have flash/ActiveX disabled, and don't know the direct URL to the report form (it's by the way).

Unfortunately, they've messed something up, as going to it without the www. prefix results in an error;

I'll get in touch with them to get the error fixed, but if you're like me and have flash/activeX disabled, then you may want to bookmark the direct URL.

As an aside, everyones obsession with ActiveX/Silverlight/Flash/Java/Ajax etc etc etc, really is annoying - especially when having them enabled is HELPING the bad guys.

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