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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dear ProBoards Abuse dept - FOCUS ON ABUSE!

I came across something a few minutes ago that absolutely disgusted me. A ProBoards user reported a fraudulent advert, being advertised through the ProBoards service, and instead of saying thank you - ProBoards abuse dept sent a warning to the USER THAT REPORTED IT, due to a simple NONE ABUSIVE message on the top of the users forums;

Little screenshot incase ProBoards takes it down;

I personally, find this absolutely abhorant. ProBoards abuse - your users can place any *warning* they wish to, as far as adverts on their forums, or anywhere else, if they feel the adverts could be malicious (and note, she never said NOT to click the adverts), especially if YOU are not going to stop the adverts being shown in the first place.

Kas: If you would like to move your forum elsewhere, drop me an e-mail.

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