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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spambot Search Tool: v0.52

Release: v0.52
Date: 22-02-2011

* Fixed bug in functions.php
* Modified IsValidEmail() function
* Changed strpos() calls to substr_count()
* Fixed bug in check_spammers_plain.php that resulted in invalid e-mails being allowed
+ Added code to check for Bad Result error when querying blacklists
* Contains modifications (e.g. re-written isURLOnline() and getURL() functions) and bug fixes with thanks to Dan McCormick.

IMPORTANT: This update also includes modifications to the config.php file, which means you will also need to;

1. Backup your existing config.php file
2. Create a new config.php by copying and renaming config.sample.php
3. Enter your config/settings in the new config.php file


Live example:

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