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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Eset: Support-Scammer Tricks

Having been blogging this topic for quite a while, I figure this might be a good time to highlight some of the snippets of information that people have posted on some of those blogs (anonymized, of course). You might also be interested in a resource page I've started here at AVIEN.

One prospective victim instructed to connect via the Run window to This turns out to belong to, the home of one of the (legitimate) remote access tools used by scammers to "fix" their victim's computer, install "better" antivirus or antispyware, and so on. ( is another, apparently more favoured by scammers calling victims in the US.) If anyone goes as far as getting a box like this, it would be interesting to know what code they are instructed to enter, since this may help in tracking scam sites.

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