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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lavasoft gone dodgy?

According to a post at my favorite news site, it looks like Lavasoft' new owners are the infamous chaps behind the well known "Interactive Brands". Should've seen this coming really, given they de-listed the well known malware player, WhenU, some time ago - I know that was 6 years ago, but it can't just be a coincidence, especially given who the new owners are.

Anti-spyware company Lavasoft AB is now owned by a set of online entrepreneurs who have been linked with misleading websites.

The Montreal-based entrepreneurs, who purchased the company's assets in January, have previously been accused of selling the free versions of Lavasoft products to unwitting internet users as recently as 2007 via cyber-squatting sites.

Lavasoft, originally based in Sweden, was purchased by an investment fund called Solaria in January, but no other holdings can be found for Solaria. In fact, the only ties that Solaria has are to the founders of Upclick, an affiliate marketing company. The founders of this company have also founded companies that sold online porn, reskinned peer-to-peer filesharing software, and allegedly "skimmed" online sales, charging customers for software that they did not order.

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