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Sunday, 7 October 2012


I recently had an e-mail from Kyle at, regarding his sites listing in hpHosts.

Sadly, OVH are still blocking my emails, and as he used OVH for his mail server, my reply to his email got blocked as well (blocked emails to OVH show as a timeout when attempting to send the email to addresses using their mail server - rather annoying given other mail servers at least send a rejection notice).

No idea if he reads this (probably not), but he doesn't have a contact form on his site, so figured this was the best option.

If you are reading this Kyle, the reason for the sites listing, is the adware (sponsor software) included in your programs installers. The fact there's an optional package available without this, is irrelevant.

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Kevin said...

He has been bundling Relevant Knowledge for years and has heard plenty of complaints. I'ts also not that easy to pick the right installer. Calling the version without RK the "lite" version isn't very self explanatory. It's simply misleading.