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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Alert: Pinball Publisher still using highly misleading marketing

This time, they're mis-using Real, makers of RealPlayer (knew the RIP thing was rubbish - made me smile, but always skeptical - Zango pulled the same trick but are still going with their ZangoCash rubbish). Wonder if the FTC are ever going to do anything about this (though they took their time dealing with Zango, so I'm not hopeful).

Domains involved this time;

Ad servers involved:


I'd say I wonder why the ad networks are allowing this, but that's an easy one - there's money involved. Seems to win over common sense.

Oh and whilst I'd never recommend it anyway (bloated pile of rubbish), RealPlayer can be found at;


Be careful searching for Top Gear episodes

RIP: Zango/Pinball Publisher Corp

Pinball Publisher Corp: deceptive installation.. again

Pinball Publisher Network: Yet more blackhat SEO goodness

Pinball Publisher Network: The ghost of Zango toolbar has a Facebook fan page

Google + Blackhat SEO + "Teen Porn" = SeekMo

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