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Saturday, 4 February 2012

HostNOC/Burst: What do you get if you cross a researcher with a very annoying hosting company?

Answer: A very annoyed researcher.

This has been an on-going issue with HostNOC/Burst for well over a year. If you happen to find more than 10 abuse cases on HostNOC/Burst IP space, and dare to report it - you'll get this;

Your ticket has not been entered into the ticket system due to more than 10 tickets from your email address in 24 hours have been submitted.
Please wait and try again.

Do not reply to this email.

BurstNet Technologies Ticket Daemon

The problem of course, is that you can't send them all in one ticket either - they'll refuse to deal with it if you do that (I know, I've tried - and argued several times with them, on the phone about this very issue).

Of course, if they didn't have so much abuse on their network - there wouldn't be so much to find and report. But alas, I digress.


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