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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Info: Outlook Export

For those wanting to use Outlook Export on Windows 7 or other 64 bit systems, if you've got Outlook installed, you'll need this, as the other installer Microsoft provides, won't work (won't install with Outlook 2007 present);

I'd strongly recommend you close Outlook prior to installing this (crashes Outlook otherwise), and prepare for a patience demand - no idea why but it takes forever just for UAC to ask for consent to install it (and the installer provided is just a self-extracting cab, the actual MSI is extracted, not auto-run, so lob it in a temp folder, then you can run the MSI).

Once installed, the headers will be displayed in the exported items again.

As an aside, I've identified what caused the issue with folders failing to display - I thought it was multiple accounts that was the cause - it isn't - turns out the cause is actually the presence of the archives folder that Outlook creates when archiving is turned on.

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