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Saturday, 3 January 2009

A call for volunteers, hpHosts needs YOU!

Since taking over hpHosts a couple of years ago, I've made several major changes, removed several hundreds domains, and continue to add/update and remove several hundred more on an on-going basis (now with the help of 3 friends).

One of the more major changes I made, was to add classifications for all of the sites in the database, where time allowed. Unfortunately I've still not had time to classify all of them, and as it stands, there are currently 9,177 domains still requiring classification.

I'd very much like to request volunteers to go through those still requiring classification, and send me their classification suggestions. How do you do this you ask? Simple, sort of. All you need to do, is drop by the Browse Database section of the website, filter the list by classification by clicking [ Unclassified ] and research the sites listed.

Note, many of the sites WILL infect your computer if visited directly, so you'll need to either use a spare machine, or if you are familiar enough with code, view the sites code to see what it does. For hints on safely viewing a malicious website, please see;

TeMerc Malware Forensics Instructional Guide

The list of possible classifications are quite clear, and so it should be easy enough to determine if a site fits one of them (if it does, all I need to know is which one it fits and why) - if not, let me know and it'll usually be removed.

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