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Sunday, 18 January 2009

EU gone bonkers .... again (suing Microsoft - again)

Bradley pretty much says exactly what my thoughts are on this;

Dear EU commission:

Do you take Paypal? Seriously. I see that you are suing Microsoft again. Must mean you need more money. So how about I send you some so that more software building decisions are done because it's solid engineering decisions and not some stupid counter move against an EU lawsuit. Every time I look at a confusing Microsoft SKU list, the EU versions of the software don't help me understanding what product I need to buy.

I'm sorry to be in a snarky mood tonight but I'm tired of shortcuts, buttons and toolbars that I kinda like being impacted by your threats. Remember when one of the hotfixes and later a service pack took off the shortcut in XP to show IE on the desktop? Yeah, my impression we have you guys to thank for that one. It was a competition move. Already I'm annoyed that Windows 7 doesn't natively have IE at the top of the Start menu. Do we get to thank you for that default?

Read the full story:

Note: require registration to read their articles .... (says I've read 3 in the last 30 days, which is strange considering it's the first time I've been to their site)

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