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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ikea: Miscreant for acceptable

I've been archiving malicious e-mails for years now, and have seen everything from greetings cards, to Airline tickets, to UPS parcels to lord knows what else, but was rather surprised today when I received several e-mails claiming to be from Ikea;

Welcome to affordable solutions for better living

IKEA has a Fantastic new FREE tool for home decorating.

Introducing our Home Planner software which allows you to plan your home in a 3D environment.

Simply follow the instructions in the attachment and start planning your dream home today.

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 1999 - 2009
About the IKEA Concept and IKEA franchising

The attachment of course, is a lovely little zip file, (MD5: DD9EF0E43889DE84F076789D802A8F57), and inside, a 342K SCR file (MD5: 3EE4F3EFAB94BFCE790A5FB93D1465C6), trying to masquerade as a .doc (MS Word) file

Detection isn't great, but is better than usual, with 16/39 detecting it;

/edit 15-01-2009 00:02

ThreatExpert got back to me with the sandbox report;

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