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Thursday, 12 March 2009

aida32.bin: ClamWin made a boo boo again

I said last time that ClamWin doesn't often make mistakes, but they seem to have done so again. This time, flagging Aida32's .bin file as Trojan.Agent-81497. Alas this is an F/P, Aida32 is completely safe, always has been.

I've reported it as an F/P via backrooms as attempts to do so via their F/P reporting form at, resulted in their form rejecting my submission due to ClamAV already detecting the file (Doh!, that's why I was reporting it :o( ).

If you're using Aida32 and ClamWin on the same machine, ensure you've told ClamWin to ignore the Aida32 directory, or at the very least (and more recommended as ignoring directories/files leaves your system more at risk), have it ONLY report what it finds, and not remove/quarantine them, otherwise you'll find Aida32 isn't going to run.

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