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Monday, 2 March 2009

PCWorld "reviewer" has their turn at talking bollocks

We all know we can't trust the bad guys, but it seems over the past few years, there's more and more so-called good guys you can't trust either - now including PCWorld who, instead of providing unbiased reviews, decide to falsify results to peddle their advertising partner (Symantec, surprise surprise), instead of allowing their users to have unbiased facts.

When are these idiots going to learn, they are supposed to be providing services/software based on their USERS NEEDS, and not based on earning a fast buck.

and now, PCWorld joins the ranks:

they vote their advertising partner, Symantec, top place. Avira did better overall, so they lower Avira's score based on a "poor" interface including -- hang on, folks! -- Avira is the only one of the eight tested software suites without the convenience of (groan) A TOOLBAR! Now Joe Plumber knows exactly what to look for in his security software's interface!

What irks me tremendously is that in their zeal to sell Norton by discouraging people from considering Avira, they erroneously state that the only support available for Avira is by emailing Germany & waiting for a response. So let me inform everyone that Avira maintains a very active and responsive forum IN ENGLISH. In fact, when I trialed Avira's Antivir Premium, I was so impressed by the level of support that I received at the forum, as well as with the antivirus software itself, that I purchased a license.

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