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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Eset Smart Security 4: A first look

Eset Smart Security version 4 was released yesterday, and thanks to my friend at Eset, I've been given a licence so I can review it.

I'm happy to say, so far I'm very impressed. The installation was smooth, and after a re-boot (wasn't required but I did it anyway), and a little customization of the settings, it's up and running quite nicely with very little slow down of the system.

Those of you with a DVD writer will be even more pleased with ESS 4 due to one of the new tools it includes, Eset SysRescue, that allows you to create a rescue CD/DVD/USB, should your system either become unbootable, or prevent the loading of ESS, due to infection.

One of the other nice new features, is the SysInspector, also available to download seperately here. This facility allows you to create a snapshot of the system periodically for as the name suggests, inspection. You can read more detailed information on the SysInspector at;

I'll be running this for a few months or so to see how it performs, especially where detections are concerned, and will post back with a review.


Corrine said...

I like ESET and will be interested in your thoughts.

In the event you haven't seen this: ESET Knowledgebase - Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 may conflict with version 4.0 of ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus. The KB article includes a link to workarounds.

MysteryFCM said...

Thanks Corrine :o)

I actually posted a follow up to this recently;

I'd seen the info on Vista SP2 being troublesome, but forgot to post about it (hehe glad you posted it actually as I'd have kicked myself when I realised I'd forgotten).

Incidentally, v4 is performing perfectly alongside Vista SP2 over here :o)