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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Symantec - we knew they weren't trustworthy, but this is a new low

Symantec have never been a company I've recommended for security products - ever. Infact, the only product I've ever recommend is Ghost (and even then, there are now free alternatives courtesy of Linux), but the latest development shows Symantec have entered a new phase - one which shows a complete disregard not only for their competitors (yeah, not really surprising), but also for their customers. One which shows they have no right to chase people down for disregarding their licencing terms, when they are more than willing to disregard licencing terms for other programs.

Alas this is not all however. I've mentioned before about their including malware (in the form of Ask (aka IAC) products) in Norton 360 - now they're including this rubbish in their other programs - something completely unforgivable.

I'll save ranting anymore, and just let you read the following instead.


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