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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

25th Anniversary - Congrats Kev!

I am extremely happy to announce the 25th anniversary of one of my favourite comedians (it's not his fault he's Australian ;o)), Kevin 'bloody' Wilson. I'll not post the e-mail I received from them about this (had to send a small rant as the link they sent me to the site, was not a link to the domain - but a TinyURL err, URL - Short URL's should NEVER be used in e-mails - ever! (and yes, that includes sURL)), instead, I'll just post a link to the 'Jenny Talia' site instead. - Video of the week - Congratulations dad!

Note: if you've got scripts + ActiveX enabled, be warned, she's embedded the YouTube video in her blog (GRRRR!)

I don't need to mention, those of you familiar with Kev and Jenny, will already know not to have the kids about when you view this - it's 18+ only folks! (nope, no pornographic pictures - just think Billy Connolly with alot of extra lewdness!)

Kev's own site can be found at;

Not sure who he is? Go read about him;

His online radio is here;

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