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Monday, 22 June 2009

hpHosts - UPDATED June 22nd, 2009

hpHOSTS - UPDATED June 22nd, 2009

The hpHOSTS Hosts file has been updated. There is now a total of [b]67,514[/b] listed hostsnames.

If you are NOT using the installer, please read the included Readme.txt file for installation instructions. Enjoy! :)
  1. Latest Updated: 22/06/2009 19:18
  2. Last Verified: 22/06/2009 17:00
Download hpHosts now!

Alas as a side note, the current version of PGP I've got doesn't seem to have a "just sign the damn thing" option, so it seems to be signing the file, but including a copy of the file in the signature - hence the larger file sizes. I've been right through the documentation and can't find an option to get it not to do this. The trial version expires in 4 days anyway though so I'm going to see if I can dig out the previous version I was using.

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