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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

In the UK? Own a mobile? You NEED to read this!

Did you know your operator sold your number to marketing firms, who then sold it to this outfit?

Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

A public mobile phone directory for the UK will launch later this month, loaded with millions of private numbers bought from marketing departments.

From June 18, callers to 118800 will be asked for a first name, a surname and a town*. If a match is found, they will be connected to that person's mobile for £1.

Connectivity, the start-up firm behind the service, says it will never give out numbers or other personal details, and will ask the recipient's permission before connecting the call. It also promises in its FAQ not to sell or pass data to commercial organisations, and to monitor its directory for any suspicious usage patterns.

The firm is coy about how it built its list of "many millions" of mobile numbers. "Our mobile phone directory is made up from various sources," Connectivity wrote.

"Generally it comes from companies who collect mobile telephone numbers from customers in the course of doing business and have been given permission by the customers to share those numbers."


Data watchdog clears mobile phone directory - You agreed for your details to be used like this, right?


There is a freephone number for those that want to opt out apparently, but it takes up to 4 weeks;

0800 138 6263

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