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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Facebook "IQ test" costs you up to $19.99 per month!

I've just found an article on, that warns of a Facebook application, that surprise surprise, scams the living daylights out of you (when will people learn?).

Though no mention is made of what the application is called, or who developed it (pretty important information in my opinion), users of Facebook should be alert, and I know 99.9% of you don't read the small print that comes with this rubbish, but hopefully this will be a lesson in WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT!.

Read the article at;

Although Consumerist shows part of the applications terms of use, it fails to mention the short code number itself. We can slightly modify the image to deduce that the first two numbers are 25 and the last number is 2, but I'm unable to enhance the image enough (whilst keeping the quality) to determine the third and fourth number.

There's a class action (apparently) over at the following, mentioning several numbers and websites, but nothing I can see, that mentions the one Consumerist mentioned in their article;

There are also several other mentions in a few of the results using the following;

The most likely candidate at the moment however, is an MBLox customer, if an article on the Mirror's blog is anything to go by;

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